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SO, SO SICK. You might think that the major night-sweats back in November would have tipped me off that something was physically wrong with me, but I waited until the 104 fevers started in late January to see a doctor. They said flu in the emergency room, my doc said sinus infection. Weird pains in my ankles and then the swelling that got them to do an ultrasound and they found the blood clot in my leg. The next day I had a call “we’ve found a lot of bacteria in your blood and we want you to go to the emergency room right away”. Endocarditis.5 weeks with this plastic thing stuck in my arm

8 days in the hospital, fevers over 105 (trippy), and a lush forest of strep bacteria growing inside my heart. I just finished 6 weeks of daily IV infusions of antibioticsIt went into my arm and then all the way into my heart and I’m still really tired Those antibiotics really fuck with you, but it’s better than being dead.but I feel a good deal better and hope to get back to making some interesting stuff to put up here.